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Creative designs orchestrated by KCL's team of imaginative

lighting designers, savvy technology gurus, and problem-solving mechanical experts have differentiated KCL as a valuable consultant in performance venue design. With a desire to offer even more to this dynamic market, KCL has formed a partnership with About The Stage, a specialized theatre consulting firm led by Chris Tilton.  Chris' 25 years of experience in venue operations, functional planning, and theatrical design helps clients plan for each detail that makes a venue function optimally – in front of an audience or out of sight. As a resource with broad expertise, About The Stage helps to holistically deliver the best in theatrical functionality, sound excellence, visual quality, and audience comfort.

"I deeply respect how Chris Tilton approaches theatre consulting.  Beyond exceptional planning and design, he is an incredibly effective owner advocate 

and design team guide."
James Deeds, PE, LEED AP, Trombonist

KCL Engineering


About the Stage

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About The Stage plays a central role in the planning, design, and building process for a wide variety of theatres and venues.  Promoting understanding between the design team and users is a strength of founder, Chris Tilton, who fluently speaks the languages of theatre, creative design, and construction.  With career experience in all facets of venue operations and stage functionality, as well as decades in lighting design, Chris can share practical information about the function and uses of a venue with a design team, while helping clients understand the complexities of the construction process.  Chris' involvement helps everyone see the complete picture to deliver success on these complex projects.


"James' leadership, coupled with KCL's creative problem solving and passion for excellence, are a benchmark for engineering innovation. The caliber of service provided by their firm aligns perfectly with ATS' core values, resulting in an optimal partnership for which I am ecstatic!"

Chris Tilton, LC, LEED AP

About The Stage

KCL + ATS theatre consulting Services

Integrated artistic, operational, and technical viewpoints so you hit the mark.

Theatre Planning

Theatre Systems Design

Area programming, adjacencies, and volumes

Stage and production ergonomics

Audience chamber shaping, sight-line analysis, seating strategy, and accessibility

Front-of-house circulation, interface with audience and back-of-house spaces, and ergonomics

Code support related to public assembly and theatrical venue types

Rigging systems and equipment

Theatrical lighting controls, distribution, and equipment

Track, drapery, and related soft goods

Platform lifts, traps, and filler systems

Portable staging, risers, wagons, and seating

Audience seating systems

Acoustic shell enclosures, clouds, and banners in support of acoustical design

Shop and stage tools, equipment, and access systems

MEPT Engineering

House lighting

Electrical power conditioning

Air flow distribution

Acoustical attenuation of mechanical equipment


Audio/video equipment and controls

Access control and security

Life safety systems

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