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Eliminate dependence

on the ordinary.


Take a deep dive into our technology - fueled design culture.

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Passion Driven Design

Experience that Works

Fearless for the Future

We're techies and proud of it. Partnered with other services, technology increases our company-wide capabilities, interests and collaboration depth. 

Engineers with installation experience close the gap between what works on paper an what works for you.

There are no project limits when it comes to designing systems.  KCL Engineers research and advocate solutions; from the tried and true to the next frontier.

“In most cases, technology design should never be about designing a space around a specific product. The application and planned usage of any given space should be the priority to understand. Once we grasp that, I can help design around that vision using technology to improve everyone’s experience.”



contact: Chris Davis, RCDD, DCDC, CCNA

(he must be enthusiastic for tech with that many credentials!)

Technology Services​

Does your TR have space for IoT
if it's POE?  We've got this.

Telecommunications Infrastructure

Telecommunications Grounding

Active Network Equipment

Design (Layer 2/3)

IP Telephony

Audio and Video Controls

Access Control and Intrusion Detection

Video Surveillance

Fire Detection and Alarm

Emergency Communications Systems

General Purpose Paging and Intercommunications
Distributed Antenna Systems

Nurse Call

Patient Wandering

Wireless Clocks

Detention Controls

Featured Technology Projects

We do things the right way. 
You'll see the difference.

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