It does exist.

We are an entrepreneurial company with an award-winning culture, flexible work style, and an ingenuous team unmatched in the consulting engineering industry. 

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Your Best Life, KCL-Style.

Family-first. KCL’s counter-corporate ideology is fundamentally family-first.  Our unstructured work hours and flexible, responsible PTO policy allows for employees to prioritize all aspects of life.  By doing so, our team’s work ethic, job satisfaction, and positive attitude has always been the fuel behind our brand.

Pyramids are ancient history. Our management structure lacks layers and individuals are given the freedom to lead as a true consultant. Our business model removes barriers and allows for efficiency in work and employee empowerment to serve clients the best way they see fit.

All the benefits. We want everyone to feel healthy, enjoy time away, and have financial resources to navigate life. Our stellar suite of benefits helps your focus on what matters most.

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100% paid health insurance + premium dental and vision options

Generous contributions to a
health savings account

Flexible, responsible paid time off

No time sheets and flexible work hours

401k contributions

Current Openings

Des Moines, Iowa

Experienced Mechanical Engineer

Portland, Oregon

Experienced Mechanical Engineer

Experienced Electrical Engineer

Experienced Lighting Designer

Phoenix, Arizona

Experienced Mechanical Engineer

Experienced Electrical Engineer

Interested in KCL, but don't see your position listed?  Never fear, we'd love to hear from you.  Email Julie Crane with your inquiry.

Eugene, Oregon

Experienced Mechanical Engineer