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At KCL Engineering, we bring to life three pillars that distinguish how we make our mark in the world.


The Perfect Extension of Your Team

Doing great work is just the beginning.

Every client has their own way they like to work and interact.  We match your preferences through a process we built.  We also focus on hiring and training people you are proud to put in front of your constituents who can speak human, architect, and engineer. 

We appreciate and strengthen every relationship

Client syncing happens at every level

You can be proud of KCL as your partner

Relentless Attention to Detail

We do our best and strive for perfection.

Part of excellence is our best-in-class process to prevent any issues in the first place with an optimal response approach when an issue does arise. Our three-pronged approach involves: 1) issue avoidance through relentless attention to detail and rigorous design review, 2) swift issue resolution through our problem identification and resolution process, and 3) constant and diligent communication from technical production engineers up through the project manager.  

detail (highlighter yellow).png

Consistent team from start to finish

Cross-discipline engagement and coordination

Quick course correction that minimizes costs and disruption

Practical, Inspired Innovation

We measure what matters.

We measure client enthusiasm and shoot above the level of just being satisfied to a higher level where our clients love their results. We look for smarter, more meaningful innovations to standard work and for clients to reflect on our work together as a smart decision. 

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We love purposeful innovation to solve real problems

Our culture supports imagination, innovation, and creativity

We seek high caliber, trailblazing customers

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