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THE NEXT GENERATION OF ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE starts with fueling the minds of interns and helping them discover their passions. KCL Engineering's internship program ignites talent from within by providing endless opportunities to gain real-world engineering consulting skills and training to deliver projects everyone will admire. KCL interns will be paired with an expert engineer who will serve as your mentor during your internship. We have a significant focus on hands-on training to learn the consulting world from start to finish. Additionally, you'll have multiple opportunities to collaborate with other engineers, designers, interns, and staff to develop and share new and engaging perspectives as practical, inspired innovation stands at the forefront of our day-to-day operations.

Feedback from our interns

"Real-world experience" was their focal point


Yugi Ravichandran
Mechanical Intern

"KCL puts a large emphasis on helping interns get real world engineering experience. There were numerous opportunities to get my hands dirty on real projects, and as a result, I got to witness the consulting world in action."


Matt Johnson
Electrical Engineer at KCL

"During my two KCL internships, I was able to apply engineering concepts from the classroom on a large-scale level with real-world projects. The wide variety of projects I worked on gave me valuable experience both in engineering and consulting."

Responsibilities and Expectations

From design work at the office to site visits with construction teams, we challenge the next generation of engineers and prepare them for robust and innovative careers. ​ As an intern, you would be responsible for performing tasks requiring the application of standard engineering techniques and procedures, which includes systems design, assisting lead engineers with various project duties, and other duties as they arise.​ ​ It is also important to us that KCL interns are fully integrated into our award-winning culture.  This means you'll be invited to participate in community involvement and volunteer opportunities, social outings including boating days, amusement park trips, ballpark games, and regular card games in-house. Toss in the occasional, impromptu smash burger lunches and Dairy Queen runs, you'll find that KCL keeps the fun factor high.

KCL's Internship Program is specifically designed to leave students with: 

  • a relentless attention to the details of systems designs.

  • the ability to discover innovative solutions for a variety of challenges.

  • advanced skills and resources to give you a competitive advantage both in the classroom returning to school and entering the full-time engineering world.


We are currently seeking those pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or other related fields.  It is highly recommended that students have experience with design programs such as Revit, CAD, or similar prior to applying for an internship with KCL Engineering. 

Here's a short list for what we're hoping a KCL intern will bring to the table:

  • Strong desire to learn

  • Consistently demonstrate innovative thinking

  • Able to work both with a team and independently

  • High level of integrity and self-motivation

Join forces with KCL Engineering

You scrolled this far! The next step is to apply for an internship with KCL. Email your resume and self-evaluation form (see download link below) to Danielle Manternach, and we’ll be in touch with the next step afterwards.

We look forward to reviewing your evaluation and seeing if you are the right fit for KCL Engineering!

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