1893 Chicago World's Fair was the first public demonstration of electric lighting. 

“If evenings at the fair were seductive, the nights were ravishing. The lamps that laced every building and walkway produced the most elaborate demonstration of electric illumination ever attempted … it was like getting a sudden vision of Heaven.” — The Devil in the White City, by Erik Larson.


Think of the patrons at the 1893 World's Fair. This event marked the beginning of a time people could be safely out at night. Instead of leaving at dusk, fair-goers extended their visit. The experience was amazing. The lucrativeness 

was genius.  All because of lighting.  

Lighting quickens a return on investment. A 24-hour benefit is only possible when lighting is applied.  KCL clients have enjoyed revealing their building amid a vibrant lit skyline, expressing pride of ownership with unique lighting concepts, and seeing the architecture of their building enhanced with professional lighting applications.


Vino 209 Lighting
Contemporary lighting for new wine bar in a historic building
Hard Rock Stadium Lighting Upgrade
Technical consultants to Innova Energy Partners for transforming LED lighting upgrade
Born of Fire Sculpture Lighting
Color changing LED lighting to enhance illusion of fire pouring out of this Perry, Iowa sculpture by John Brommel.
Financial Center Facade Lighting
Color-changing LED facade lighting to reinvent 1970's highrise in downtown Des Moines.
I-235 Bridge Relighting
New lighting on iconic basket-handle bridges throughout Des Moines.
Altoona Water Tower Lighting
Color-changing LED lighting, pictured in patriotic colors for Independence Day
Mercy Healing Garden Lighting
Color-changing LED lighting to encourage serenity and increased nighttime use.
IMTA Scuplture Lighting
Lighting to enhance a custom-made sculpture by artist John Brommel for the Iowa Motor Truck Association.

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