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Sports Lighting Design

Passion for Sports Lighting

For many of us at KCL Engineering there lies a deep connection to sports.  From the nostalgia of growing up rooting for a beloved team, to the rush of entering the venue of our heroes.  So while our natural born talents led us to engineering; we foster than passion for sports through lighting. 

Pioneers of LED Sports Lighting:

Photometric Calculations

Demonstrations / Testing

Performance Criteria

League Performance Evaluation

Feasibility Studies

Proposal Evaluations

Construction Management / Installation

Featured Sports Lighting Projects

“No advancement in sports lighting has been as revolutionary as LED. It benefits virtually every aspect of sports including player performance, spectator viewing, and through the elimination of strobing during HD broadcasting and slow motion playbacks.”



contact: James Deeds, PE, LEED AP

Active Industry Participation

KCL has become a sought after consultant due to our vast knowledge of sports lighting design considerations and active participation within the sports lighting community. We have worked with professional sports league officials, have attended operational summits, and regularly meet with lighting manufacturers to learn about emerging products.

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Next Generation Luminaries Competition

Sports Lighting Judge


Sports and Recreational Areas Committee


Green Sports Alliance LED Lighting Playbook

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