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Shyla Keays-Goodman Graduates from the Leadership Eugene-Springfield 2023-2024 Cohort

We are pleased to celebrate Shyla Keays-Goodman, PE, for her recent graduation from the esteemed Leadership Eugene-Springfield (LES) program! This achievement highlights Shyla's commitment to civic leadership and her dedication to fostering meaningful relationships within the Eugene and Springfield communities.

Since 1986, the Eugene and Springfield Chambers of Commerce have championed the development of leadership skills through LES, a collaborative initiative designed to cultivate knowledgeable, networked, and passionate leaders. The program equips participants to advocate for and represent the community, emphasizing the importance of synergy between government, business, and charitable institutions in fostering a thriving local economy.

Spanning from October to May, the LES program offered participants a comprehensive curriculum through monthly, day-long sessions. These seminars, led by local leaders and experts, covered critical topics such as government, public safety, healthcare, education, economic development, arts and culture, and transportation. Graduates like Shyla emerged with a deeper understanding of community needs and a robust network of trailblazers.

Reflecting on her experience, Shyla shared, "I learned so much through this program—from gaining insight into how each key area works together to create a thriving Eugene-Springfield, to acquiring skills and perspectives that have changed how I understand my personal power to contribute in meaningful ways.

It was also heartwarming to hear stories from community members who have been touched by so many projects the KCL Team has contributed to since establishing our local office. It's one thing to feel in your heart that our work has impact; it's another to hear stories directly from people living and serving in the spaces we help create.

This brought to life for me a simple quote by Winston Churchill:

'We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.'

Through our work, we are stewards of the future. Our thoughtful questions and consulting yield impacts beyond the ribbon cutting."

As Shyla joins the distinguished ranks of LES alumni, we celebrate her determination to help create a positive future for the Eugene and Springfield communities. Congratulations to Shyla and all members of the 2024 Cohort on this outstanding accomplishment!


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