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KCL Engineering Opens Iowa City Office

KCL Engineering announced today the opening of their fifth office location in Iowa City, Iowa. Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa with offices in Portland and Eugene, Oregon, and Phoenix, Arizona, KCL recently surpassed 60 employees and continues to build on its position as a highly sought-after MEPT consultant. The next growth opportunity is back in Iowa as KCL leadership recognizes the tremendous potential in leveraging its reputation and relationships from an Iowa City post. KCL Chief Innovation Officer, Mark LaCroix, explains the decision, “Several of our best customers already have a significant presence in eastern Iowa, and we plan to expand into healthcare and higher education markets that can be more strategically served from an Iowa City office.” The company has been working with the Iowa City School District since 2017 and currently has three projects in various stages of design and construction.

Averaging 40% growth each year, KCL continues on a trajectory that includes expanding existing locations and opening new offices. KCL’s culture of empowerment, flexibility, and employee-first mindset has been the fuel behind the company’s growth from the beginning. This model was specifically created to give opportunities for engineers looking for a change from the status quo and empower them to be outstanding consulting engineers. Founder and CEO, Kris Kunze, reflects, “Our model has proved happy and enthusiastic employees provide the best customer service, deliver high-quality projects, and feel empowered to innovate. I look forward to seeing KCL Engineering make its unique mark on the Iowa City community.”

As Principal-in-Charge of Iowa City, Mark LaCroix is building the office around current employees while actively seeking superstars to meet the needs of customers. KCL expects to add 2 to 3 additional experienced engineers to the Iowa City office in 2023.

KCL Engineering is leasing an office in Coralville and will be exploring permanent office space to accommodate the firm’s signature open, collaborative work style and employee perks.


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