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KCL Engineering Announces Promotions, Ownership Advancements

KCL Engineering is pleased to announce Neil Smeenk, Chief Electrical Engineer and Des Moines Office Leader, has joined the company’s executive leadership team. Neil will work alongside Kris Kunze, Mark LaCroix, and James Deeds to drive strategic growth initiatives, meet financial goals, and oversee the operational direction of the company.

KCL Engineering congratulates the following individuals for their ownership advancements within the company:

The following owners have advanced to Principal:

  • Stormy Shanks, Senior Mechanical Engineer and Portland Office Leader

  • Jake Cunliffe, Senior Mechanical Engineer and Des Moines Mechanical Team Leader

  • Chad Bass, Senior Mechanical Engineer

  • Nick Johnson, Senior Electrical Engineer and Des Moines Electrical Team Leader

The following owners have advanced to Associate Principal:

  • Chris Davis, Chief Technology Engineer

  • Julie Eliason, Director of Marketing

The following staff have joined the ownership group as Associate Principal:

  • Emir Kadic, Senior Mechanical Engineer

  • Eric Heynen, Senior Electrical Engineer

  • Jared Peterson, Vice President and Phoenix Office Leader

These ownership advancements recognize the significant contributions each person has made to firm leadership and growth. The expansion also demonstrates KCL's commitment to building a robust ownership team as we continue to grow across the country.

KCL Engineering is a 54-person, full service MEPT consulting engineering firm with offices in Des Moines, Iowa; Portland and Eugene, Oregon; and Phoenix, Arizona.


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