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KCL Engineering Announces New Principal Owners

KCL Engineering welcomes Shyla Keays-Goodman, PE and Jonathon LaCroix, LC as Principal owners of the company. KCL Engineering’s ownership team is composed of individuals who undertake major responsibilities serving clients, leading company initiatives, mentoring staff, and driving company growth.

“Shyla and Jon are exceptional engineers, highly-respected project managers, and fierce client advocates. We welcome their growth mindset and look forward to their individual contributions in shaping our company’s future,” says KCL Engineering Founder and CEO, Kris Kunze.

Shyla Keays-Goodman is a Senior Electrical Engineer and Office Lead in Eugene. Shyla loves helping improve the world through engineering and is an enthusiastic champion of giving back to her community. Since joining the team in 2020, Shyla has created a strong KCL Engineering presence in Eugene and is continuously at work building the KCL team and serving a growing number of clients.

Jon LaCroix, a Senior Electrical Engineer based in Des Moines, has been an integral part of the firm’s rapid growth since joining KCL Engineering in 2012. Jon's responsibilities have recently expanded to launching and growing KCL’s newly formed Iowa City office. His contributions to public projects – most notably schools, libraries, and sports fields, have left a lasting positive impact on communities across Iowa.

With the addition of Shyla and Jon, KCL Engineering has 14 employee owners who bring a diverse background in engineering, business management, and marketing.


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