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KCL Opens Phoenix, Arizona Office while Portland Quadruples

Almost exactly a year after KCL's Portland, Oregon office was established, KCL Engineering is expanding once again with the addition of a Phoenix location. "Many KCL team members worked in the Southwest market early in our careers, and establishing a KCL presence there has been on our radar for years," states Kris Kunze, Founder and Managing Principal of KCL Engineering.

The formula KCL Engineering brings to Phoenix is the same that was applied in Portland, which exceeded expectations with quadruple growth in its first year. The recipe includes an emphasis on senior-led consulting from start to finish, agility to provide a level of service and responsiveness that larger firms cannot match, and an appetite for the size and type of work that is regularly under-served. “It is also important that we ensure our signature work style and award-winning culture follows us wherever we go,” Kunze adds. “We will never compromise on that.”

Explaining how the years-long vision became a reality, Kunze elaborates, "We’ve utilized relationships in every growth move we’ve made. Through the support of industry friends in the region, we could identify a clear direction and purpose for KCL Engineering in the Phoenix Valley and the timing was right.”

KCL’s business strategy will include a blend of core competencies and growth opportunities. “It's the perfect combination of continuing to do what we know best while seeking new and exciting opportunities that fuel our talented and adventure-seeking engineers," states Kunze.

Kris Kunze leads KCL Engineering's expansion efforts and welcomes questions about this exciting venture.

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