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KCL Engineering Commissioned to Design New Lighting for Birmingham, AL City Hall

KCL Engineering is greatly honored to have been commissioned to design a programmable, dynamic color-changing LED lighting system for illuminating the exterior facades of Birmingham, Alabama’s City Hall. This historic and iconic City Hall structure is one of the most visible and recognizable buildings in Birmingham’s 1.1 million population metro area.

Completed in 1950, the 12-story modernist art-deco structure is one of the components of Birmingham’s Civil Rights District, listed as a National Monument by the National Park Service. The Civil Rights District includes the 16th Street Baptist Church and many other well-known locations of that era:

The lighting design has been approved by Birmingham’s City Council and the new lighting equipment ordered, with an anticipated completion in early spring 2017. KCL staff will be present to oversee the final installation and programming of the completed system. Check back then for updates!

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