Mission Critical

Supplying resilient critical infrastructure.

Downtime isn't an option; KCL's mission critical engineers ensure systems are designed to the highest standard of fault tolerance, security and maintenance. 

Not believing in a one size fits all approach, but rather the desire to understand each environment's unique requirements, fault/redundancy tolerances, and user constraints, KCL provides the most efficient use of available resources for the given project.  Aiding clients in making more informed decisions when it comes to reliability needs, future growth design, and energy cost savings is what we do best. 

 Design Wizardry                                                                

 Masterplanning | Conceptual Design                            

Site selection analysis

Utility services sizing and coordination

Project budgeting

Standards development

RFP Preparation

Contractor review and analysis

Mechanical systems concept and space allocation

Electrical systems concept and space allocation

Project PEER review and documentation

Project quality control review

Business use & risk tolerance analysis


Day one buildout with future considerations analysis


Disaster recovery planning


Onsite versus colocation deployment

Utility service coordination

Electrical power distribution systems

UPS battery systems

Generator and switchgear design

Mechanical cooling systems design

Energy recovery systems

Fire protection and alarm systems

Access control systems design

Video and surveillance systems design

Data infrastructure systems layout

Building support service design

Geothermal wellfield design and integration


Renewable energy systems design


CFD Analysis of cooling systems


Existing equipment refresh and changeout

 Project Implementation           

On site project management

PEER review of construction details

Submittal reviews and coordination

On site job sight inspections and reviews

Design commissioning plan, sequences and test

Conduct site review of installed equipment

Witness factory testing prior to shipment

Witness factory and contractor start up post installation

Review project plan, sequences and submittals

System as-built diagrams and maintenance instructions

Load bank testing

Go dark utility outage testing prior to facility occupancy

 Commissioning at Completion 

 Continual Commissioning         

 [ Throughout Data Center Life Cycle ]              

Designated interval review of systems

Mission Critical Infrastructure Health Check Analysis

Review and analysis of key metrics

Existing code compliance review

Existing energy usage review

Identify standard power capacity

 Existing Data Center Analysis 

Existing equipment conditions analysis

Life cycle cost analysis

Energy usage review - power, water & utilities

CFD airflow analysis and onsite verification

Carbon footprint impact analysis

Power factor correction analysis

Electrical arc flash assessment

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) review

Standards verification


Code compliance review

Mission Critical infrastructure health check analysis


Review a new technology replacements

Industry Participation. Why it matters!

Fluent in data center's complex design principles, CDCDP and DCDC certified professionals are trained and tested to recognize and address conditions in business storage requirements, applications of regulatory standards, and probable demands of future increases. 

Data computing consulting, design, and commissioning have been performed for a multitude of clients and project types across the country.

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