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Wells Fargo Arena LED Lighting, Des Moines, Iowa

KCL Engineering served as the Technical Consultants to Spectra and the Iowa Events Center for the recent conversion of the existing Wells Fargo Arena lighting systems to LED technology, which debuted in May 2015. This was only the second LED sports lighting conversion of the entertainment and events properties managed by Spectra, the largest arena and stadium management firm in the world. The first was at Wells Fargo Center in Spectra’s hometown of Philadelphia.

The lighting system meets all 16 performance criteria compiled by KCL Engineering that ensures compliance with standards set by the American Hockey League, the NBA-Development League, the Indoor Football League, as well as emerging LED sports and high-definition broadcast practices.  This upgrade improves the overall playability for athletes by dramatically reducing glare, while enhancing the visual experience for spectators and HD broadcasters.

The Iowa Events Center enjoyed an energy reduction from 200,000 watts to 35,000 watts under the new system, which equates to a 72% savings and an investment payback period of 2.5 years when system maintenance savings and utility incentives are factored.     

The installation occurred during a break in the Iowa Events Center schedule and took only 12 hours to complete. Programming and fine tuning the new lighting system was completed within a few hours. This incredible achievement was made possible by the close cooperation and commitment of the entire team involved in the effort.

Both the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia and Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines feature innovative LED lighting systems by Iowa based Musco Lighting, a world leader in sports lighting.


Of interest, the new lighting was designed to be in compliance with the NCAA Broadcast Guidelines for a National Championship Final Site, and the 2016 NCAA Men’s First and Second Round Basketball Games in Des Moines were among the very first NCAA events ever played under this revolutionary new lighting technology.

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