Theme and Thrill Lighting Design

Applying Engineering Principles to the Art of Illumination

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Applying engineering optics to theme and thrill lighting is changing the industry.

The ingenuity and fearlessness of a team of engineers applying the principles of our profession to the attractions industry offers park owners competitive-edge opportunities to engage, amaze, and generate revenue through lighting. Offering a combination of LED, color-changing ground-mounted and track lighting, KCL's lighting effects system is forever changing the way guests experience a roller coaster.  Beyond the thrill of the ride itself, lights surprise, mystify, and provide breathtaking shows to observing patrons.  


A partnership with Ride Entertainment forged to comprehensively serve park owners

Industry giant Ride Entertainment offers KCL Engineering's lighting system as part of the company's product line. The partnership reinforces Ride Entertainment's promise to continuously seek out and provide clients the most value-added features on the market.


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