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KCL's Mike Lambert and Dr. Sam Berman, Senior Scientist Emeritus of Lawrence Berkley National La

KCL Engineering’s Mike Lambert was greatly honored to co-present with legendary physicist and researcher Dr. Sam Berman, Senior Scientist Emeritus of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Dr. Berman’s very lengthy and impressive resume includes former Physics Professor at Stanford, scientist at the Neils Bohr Institute for Theoretical Physics and the European Center for Nuclear Research, as well as consultant to corporations such as Intel, IBM, Compaq and Ford Motor Company. He is the recipient of awards from the National Science Foundation, Alfred P. Sloane Foundation and many others, and he has authored over 100 scientific and technical articles in the fields of physics, engineering and lighting science.

Dr. Berman and Mike’s presentation revealed the results of a ground-breaking 3-year research effort in vision science conducted at Musco Lighting by their staff, Dr. Berman, and Brian Liebel, PE, current Technical Director of Standards for the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) and past Lighting Researcher for the US Department of Energy.

This presentation to the IES Roadway Lighting Committee was intended to summarize the study results which advance our understanding of the human perception of brightness and other metrics related to lighting, some of which have been in use for over 90 years. This seminar was conducted twice this year at NIST in Washington, DC, Oxford in the UK, Smith Kettlewell Eye Research Institute in San Francisco, with the study’s findings promising to fundamentally alter lighting practice in the coming years.

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