Performing Arts

Staging a great performance.

Performing Arts facilities are a refined balance of sound, acoustics, theatrical and house lighting, stage rigging, and HVAC comfort.  With all facets requiring optimized layouts, KCL's designers are experts in collaboration, coordination, and communicating performance expectations. 

Properly considered HVAC design can deliver a system that eliminates the noise associated with air movement to ensure thermal comfort is provided without sacrificing the experience of a performance.

Bondurant-Farrar HS Addition
Bondurant, IA
Solon HS Performing Arts
Solon, IA
Boutwell Auditorium Lighting
Birmingham, AL
Hempstead HS Auditorium
Dubuque, IA
Hope Lutheran Church
Ankeny, IA
Ames MS Auditorium Lighting
Ames, IA
Denver Auditorium Facility
Denver, IA
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